The Norwegian government insist on ODF-support

Several Norwegian newspapers has the recent days been reporting that the Norwegian government will insist on all public offices to use one of the following document types:
1 - HTML as the primary format for information publication
2 - PDF for all documents not meant to be edited
3 - ODF for all documents where the end user will be able to edit the documents (forms to be filled out etc.)

The changes will be effective January 1st 2009. The pressrelease has not been translated into English yet.

ODF (Open Document Format) is the default fileformat for OpenOffice.

Norway is just one of several countries endorsing ODF as the format of choice, which, in my opinion, is very good for all of us, as all software developers have full access to every aspect of the format needed to implement it in their software. This includes Microsoft.


Added to the Q&A

Just added another part to the Q&A-section, regarding Pivottable and Datapilot.

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Added an Q & A section

In addition to the new forum, we’ve also added a Q & A section.

We will NOT be able to answer all the questions that we get, I realize that now, but we’re trying the best we can to answer as many questions as possible. From now on some selected questions will be added to the Q & A section, and we hope it can be a good help to others as well.

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Added a lesson with =MID() -- how to extract characters, counting from the pointyou specify

Just added a lesson with the formula =MID(), which is used for extracting any given number characters from a cell or other text, starting from where you specify.

This is as easy formula, but it’s still very powerful, probably more powerful than both =LEFT() and =RIGHT().

There have been some activity on the forum, but remember; the more the merrier Happy Don’t be afraid to post there, and it will probably get you answers faster, and more answers, than mailing us!

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