Changes in lessons already made

We are now in the process of changing some of the lessons from one format to another.

There are two reasons for this; the first is that we have now gone through the different formats, and came to the conclusion that the format used in lessons like =SUM() and =NOW() (and most other by now) is the most effective one, both for learning and for producing. The second reason is that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 and older are very non-compliant, and messes up the other formats, in varying degrees.

As soon as all lessons have been changed to the chosen format, we will start making new lessons again.

The two formats that will be removed, are the ones where you click to get to the next step. Both of them has the advantage that they provide as little information as possible for each step, which is possibly less confusing, but I truly believe the chosen format will fully usable.

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